Understanding Does Come!

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

As I listened to Joyce Meyer this morning she said something that hit me as being so true that we live life forward, but we understand it backward. Her message was on "Why, God, Why?"

I have struggled for years trying to be in the know, having all the answers, and understanding everything that was going on in every aspect of life. At the time it seemed realistic but as I look back on it all I realize I had put my faith in myself and had shunned God's presence out of my life. With God as my number one relationship, things are going so much better.

The other thing that I realized is that I was giving the devil way too much credit. 1 Peter 5:5 clearly states that God is opposed to the proud but gives grace to the humble. I never thought of myself as a proud person but as I look back I realize that I wanted to take God's role in my life and my pride kept me from doing what I knew was right because, in order to change, I had to relinquish control and admit I was wrong - OUCH!

The devil wasn't in my way, I was in God's way. God was the one who was making all my well-prepared plans go completely sideways. It wasn't until I decided enough was enough and was truthful with myself, and with God, that I had no control and was ill-prepared for my journey in life. Not an easy task but God gave me a bold personality and I decided to use it in a way to glorify God instead of horrifying myself.

My boldness and faith in God allowed me to truly hand over the reins of my life and to find peace in resting in my faith that God has it all figured out and it was going to be better than Ok! I don't have to understand or know why, it isn't part of my job.

1 Peter 6-9 goes a bit deeper into casting all your cares on God, being well balanced and self-disciplined so that when satan comes to call we can resist him and be firm in our faith. We, I, will all suffer but verse 10 then promises that the God of all grace will strengthen and establish you.

There will always be trials and tribulations, there will be things we don't' understand and much we don't know, but I am a great example of how giving it to God and letting him guide the next moves is much more effective and the endings are much more gracious and peaceful.

Living in peace and trusting God in all things is totally amazing,. No longer feeling the need to respond, defend, or even acknowledge some of the foolishness that consumed my life is just so healing. Having a peaceful spirit instead of a spirit of turmoil is something I never thought I would have. It is slowly softening my old hurts and scars which in turn is softening me. I no longer take every slight, negative word or situation to heart. Most times it wasn't about me but more about the person lashing out or someone who was having a bad day. I don't carry those burdens around anymore.

In the past few months, many things have transpired that previously would have started a war, but with God's grace and my spiritual growth, my only response was "You got this God, I will just wait over here." To some this may not sound so hard, but to this Warrior Woman it was a struggle but I am determined to keep my Warrior Woman status but my energies will be spent on glorifying God and praising his name.

Warrior Woman of God!

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