Truly Love - Ok!

Reading 1 John Chapter 3 made it very clear that as a Christian I must love everyone, not just the easy ones. Not just with words and lip service towards them but by actions when required. This is not easy feet as some people just rub me the wrong way but in many ways, that is my issue, not theirs. I am positive that I rub many the wrong way and it is not intentional but it is still a reality. To live in Christ is to love all. This is an area that I am working on.

Staying focused and developing my own potential requires more work on my part. Refraining from becoming entangled in others' lives and problems and feeling that I must e the one to either support or help to fix it all for them is a weakness of mine. However, it is becoming more apparent that my time is required to work on my potential. Being hauled into other issues is just the devil attempting to preoccupy my mind and keep me from reaching my potential. There is a very wise saying "where you have no responsibility you should have no opinion." The saying is wise although I have been unwise on many occasions feeling that when friends were growling/venting on issues in their life that it was my queue to either prop them up and tell them they were 100% right (as if there aren't three sides to every story) or letting my big mouth runoff in an attempt to help them fix a problem that I had no right to be involved and only had one side of the story - unwise!

This is something that I will not be doing anymore. I will pray for them, love them and be their friend but everyone needs to row their own boat on this sea of life and my arms get tired enough attempting to keep my boat on course.

To truly love someone is to let them stand on their own two feet but be there for them but in a more Christian way, instead of an interfering presence. For example, if I feel that someone is weak in their faith, I have to make them feel welcome but not argue with them over opinions (Romans 14:1-23). To ensure that I am there in a role of humility to assist them and not one of rivalry or conceit (Phillippians 2:3-4).

Each day I strive to do better and there is a ton of work to be done in me but I know that like the other things that are being dealt with, that God will be there with me to direct and it will be done with conviction and not condemnation.

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