Trials and Tribulations!

Friday, November 16, 2020

Trials - we have all had them and felt alone through some of them but God was always with us, our perspective was just a bit off at the time. Like everything else in life, there is a time for silence and my true belief is that when God is trying to show us or teach us he remains silent to let us muck our way around, in our own power and once we have come to the conclusion we can't/don't have any power or control he quietly, and with love, takes the wheel or send a comforter to walk with us. My first, well not my first ever, trial would have been divorce! Yes, I loved it so much I tried it twice. Both marriages were not done with God as the centre. The first one we did the go to church, take the kids to Sunday School but it was just smoke and mirrors. I won't go any further with the story and there is no need. It didn't work, but it did bless me with two marvelous kids. The rebound marriage, well, worse and over. No more to be said. Then, and only then, did I say God "What am I doing wrong? I don't want to live like like this broken shell of a human anymore." Months after I had decided enough was enough and life would be simpler alone. No more marriage for me, nope, never again. Yep, you guessed it God laughed and thought she once again thinks she is in control. An old friend from my home town called me to see if I would like to have a coffee. He moved away many years before, been divorced, and was reaching out to just say hi ( I found out later that he was coming to see me to see if I had any friends that might want to go on a date with him). We had sat together on the high school bus and I was very happy to hear from him all these years later. Fast forward almost eight years, we still have coffee together, built an amazing life together and serve the lord together. Once I stopped attempting to find who I thought was the right person to share my life with, God sent him.

Now, it hasn't been all sunshine and roses but with the common goals of loving God and each other we work through the hard times and attmpe to be honest and kind. Some days we do marvelous, other days we land flat on our faces. But we get up and start all over again.

The second trial was having a diagnosis of cancer attached to my name. An amazing doctor sat by my bed in the emergency room and told me I either had lung cancer or another type of cancer that I dont' remember. I didn't have time to spin into a frenzie because my Mom was sitting beside me and she was falling apart. But in the midst of the whole ordeal I kept saying I do not have cancer. I had weight on and was completely out of shape but I knew in the deepest fibers that this wasn't cancer. There was something wrong, I was sick but it wasn't cancer.

A few days later another wonderful doctor, who shared his faith in God with me, did a biopsy of the mass attached to my lungs. You guessed it, not cancer. He tried two areas on the mass and both were nothing but fluid. It ended up being a bronchologynic cyst, which the specialist in St. John, NB, says was there since birth and continued to grow. Eighty percent of it was removed, twenty is attached to my lungs but the chances of tearing my lungs was higher than just leaving it.

Once again, Iknew I had no control and I had the best doctors dealing with me here on earth and my heavenly father, the Great Healer, provided these amazing physicians to me. During my stay in the different hospitals he sent people, sings and songs. Seemed every shift a nurse would show up that attended my church. A book mark appeared under my bed with a bible scripture on it and when I woke up in the middle of the night and Satan started to tell me lies songs of worship would come floadin in and I would to sing to myself back to sleep.

The lady who was in the bed next to me in St. John, NB was suppose to be in palliative care but there were no beds. The family members of this amazing lady where so caring and loving. In the five days I was there, if Dad or my husband, were not there to assist me, they would. In turn, during the nights when they went home to try and get some rest, I assisted her in every way I could and interceded with the staff who were unaware that this darling was not a surgery patient. Once again my boldness came roaring through. Nothing like having the big mouth in the next bed telling the nursing staff they were doing it wrong. I prayed over her from my bed and we prayed with her husband. That beautiful soul lost her battle the day I left the hospital. I keep contact with her husband to this day, as I consider them my friends. God knew that they needed me and I needed them.

Another example of angels walking amongst us! God was there!

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