The Great Comforter!

Mourning over your sins and repenting sure doesn't feel good at the time but receiving God's comfort that he promises in Matthew 5:4 certainly makes it worth it.

For a long time, I couldn't understand why I still felt bad inside because of my past sins. Then I had a light bulb moment, I was in some kind of mourning state. I was not mourning what I had lost in my old life but I was mourning what I had lost by not living in God's plan. I had confessed and figured that should be it but it was very unrealistic to think that all the years I carried the guilt and shame around that it would be gone instantly. But once I took the time to mourn then the comfort did come.

Joel 2:25-26 promises that our lost years will be restored and God will provide and deal wondrously with us.

Isiah 6:17 also tells us that instead of shame there shall be a double portion, instead of dishonor there will be rejoicing, and everlasting joy.

Sound great to me!

Receiving God's blessings and comfort will never cease to amaze me. Remembering how he gently moved in my heart and my life has been remarkable. There are still many hard times but being able to rely on God provides a strength like no other.

Establishing a relationship with God truly does change how you rely on him during challenging times. I compare it to calling a trusted friend who you have had tons of laughs, go shopping with, hang out and do nothing with, and share your fears and triumphs with and someone who you know you can rely on.

God is no longer an entity that I call out to when I have hit rock bottom. He is someone I start every day with. Someone I stop and thank for all he has done for me. Someone I can laugh with and know he is always there. I know some don't view God as someone you can laugh with but I am a firm believer that God has a great sense of humor. Look around, do you actually think there would be people much like myself that like to have fun and laugh unless God too has a sense of humor. Genesis 1:27 says were are made in his image. So, if I am made in God's image, then he definitely has joy and laughs.

Another great outcome of mourning your sin is that in Psalm 30:11-12 it says that he will turn our mourning into dancing and the words joy, praise, and thanks are all there as well. No one wants trouble knocking on their door, no one wants heartache and sadness in their lives but I can certainly tell you that going through them with God on your side makes it a whole lot easier.

You still have to maneuver the land mines of life but having someone who is always with you is amazing. He never says he is coming over and then changes his mind and doesn't bother to let you know that he isn't coming. He is there, his word is true, and he keeps his promises.

He has integrity!! Don't you wish the world had more integrity. I certainly do and it is my goal to have people know that my word is worth something and to be known as someone of integrity.

Work through your troubles with God, rely on him always, confess and mourn your sins, and have integrity. Your blessing will be amazing as will your life.

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