Not by Might!

When feelings of frustration take over my peace, I realize that I am putting way too much emphasis on my strength and have forgotten to rely on the strength of the Lord.

Everyone seems to have situations in their life that aren't how they want things to go. It may be your children, your home, your finances, your marriage, or many other things. It isn't that we are supposed to sit down and say I gave it to God so he can deal with it. It is amazing that you gave control to God but we are expected to do our part as well. In Zechariah 4:6 it tells us that God has given us the Holy Spirit as our divine helper. A helper by definition is a person to help another person with a job they are doing. So, you should put your faith in God, use the Holy Spirit as your helper but we, I, still have to put in the work all while letting God take control.

How many years did I waste attempting to maneuver the road of life to finally realize I spent most of it pulling myself out of the ditch time after time. Since becoming the co-pilot of my life and allowing God to steer, my trips into the ditch only transpire when I swap seats and attempt to do it my way.

There is a situation presently in my life that is unsettling and hard for me to stay composed throughout but I am doing it. Had this happened even five years ago, it probably would have crippled me emotionally. Thankfully my relationship with the Lord has matured and my coping abilities have become stronger. I have given it over to God but I also pray about it, provide words of encouragement and kindness, give compassion and love and attempt to provide unwavering hope and faith that like all storms before, this storm will not last forever.

My hope lies in the fact that my sin-soaked existence has been washed clean by the blood of the lamb and when this prodigal child of God comes to God, they too will be washed clean. Watching someone you love struggle under the weight of trying to fix things on their own power, after failing so many times yourself, is heartbreaking and frustrating.

When I think of how many times God must have been heartbroken and frustrated with me I am always so thankful that he remained patient and waited for me, so I will do the same. This circles me right back to holding on to my faith.

I have no idea how this will end but God does and that is good enough for me.

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