No Small Roles!

Recently I had the pleasure of spending quality time with a dear friend who recently has been given a diagnosis that potentially in a short period of time she will be starting her life in eternity. She is one strong lady and she is thanking God for all he is doing in her life during this time.

There isn't even a glimpse of anger, resentment, why me, or anything of the sort. As we discussed our shortcomings, the trials and tribulations we have endured, and finally, what heaven might be like, her face lit up and the joy in her eyes was amazing. Her faith in God and her excitement to see glory was contagious. The way she described her heaven was above and beyond mansions and streets of gold. The peace she has regarding her diagnosis is amazing and her sense of overall acceptance that God's will is going to be done was uplifting, to say the least.

I went there to tell her what an amazing witness she is to those watching her and how her name has been in many conversations and how anyone who speaks of her says what an exemplary example she is of a child of God. Her faith is unwavering and believes and rests on the promise that our heavenly father has a plan and it will all be revealed. I truly believe that she blessed me more than I blessed her that evening. She is truly living Mark 11:22 having faith in God, constantly.

Most times when someone is diagnosed with a disease that is life-threatening they initially fall part, ask why me, and get very angry and waste precious time spinning over something that they have absolutely no control. But after my visit, I realized that every second we waste not working on having an intimate relationship with God is time wasted. God does not delight in our suffering (1 Peter 19:20). However, he is honored and pleased when we go through tribulations with a positive attitude.

When you are living in faith you have to consider that there are many questions that will not have answers. Where would faith fit into our lives if we knew all the answers? Faith would no longer be necessary.

Many while suffering or watching people they love suffer, ask God where he is. I firmly believe that his answer every time is "the same place I was when the world murdered my son." I often forgot this bit of pertinent information when I start to wallow in self-pity and wonder where God is. For years I tried to control everything, tried to hold it all together, and failed miserably. I had the "feeling" that I was in it alone and I was the only one qualified to hold it together. The silly creature that I was. I would just think I had the first hole in my Titanic of a life plugged and the next leak would show up. When I think back I just shake my head and laugh. I was doing it all in the flesh, my weak and tattered flesh, and running full tilt from God. But in the backroom of my mind, I was him why he wasn't helping me. Yes, that was me, logical, NOT!

The huge revelation of this whole "where are you God?" was that he was right where I put him, in the trunk of my life. I didn't even allow him to co-pilot.

It truly strikes me as odd that many who claim to not believe in God or have no use for God cry out to him at their lowest points. I was one of those odd people. I knew there was a God but because some flawed human being who hid behind the work Christian had hurt me as a teenager I decided I didn't want anything to do with God or his so-called Christians.

I am just so thankful that God didn't give up on me and sent someone to come on side of me and convince me to come back to God. There were others asking me to come back to Church but she was in tune with my broken spirit and she never asked me to church but she continually invited me to go to walking classes that were held in the church. Her persistence paid off as I eventually said yes. Well, they nearly killed me the first night. Walking class my foot, there was some walking but aerobics was mixed in there. The ladies in attendance were fun and I continued to go to the classes and then eventually I walked through the doors on a Sunday morning and immediately felt at home.

The other part of the home feeling went back for about fifty years. My Nana used to take me to this exact church. She would ask me to go to church with her and my stipulation at that time was that there had to be a balcony and we had to sit up there. Now you tell me that this wasn't all in God's plan. Fifty years ago I only wanted to go to a church with a balcony, the exact church that I now am a member of, and assist in any way I can to make all we do a success. The seed was planted and it took almost fifty years to bring it to fruition.

I certainly took the long way around the world but I arrived. My Nana helped plant the seed and the amazing lady I visited with was the one who saddled up beside me and helped me find my way back home.

There are no small roles in this play of life. So play your part with all the energy you can muster and with peace, love, and joy because it could be something as small as inviting someone to a walking class that sets their path to eternity.

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