New Shoes!

Thursday, November 5, 2020

The lies I have believed for so long no longer have a foot hold in my life. What lies? Well I am going to list some of them; unworthy, shameful, not loveable, never enough, lacking in all areas, never fit in, and no one wants to be my friend. Lies, they are all lies of Satan.

The lies of Satan can take deep root and even unbeknownst to you they pilot your life and that always ends in devastation. Even if the world does validate Satan's lies it is ok because God loves you and you are Golden! Eternity will be a very long time - to infinity and beyond as they say in the Toy Story - compared to the short time we spend on earth. Bank on Gods love and spending eternity with him and as for the devil well he can go sit on a tack. Even that last line that I just wrote shows how God planted a seed when I was young. The devil sitting on a tack is from a song we use to sing in Children's Church many years ago. It was a song by The Wonder Kids titled I've Got the Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy! Not sure if the original version had satan sitting on a tack but our version certainly did.

The lies that I listed above had stolen many years of my life and robbed me of living in faith and wrecked numerous pairs of spiritual shoes attempting to run away from God's will in my life. I live relying on the word of God that he will restore what I lost (Joel 2:25).

Letting lies and other flawed human beings affect my self-worth and life's journey - no more. I now live with a light guiding my feet and a joy down deep in my soul. I have a love for life, my life, that I truly never had before. Are there hard days, yepper! But keeping my eye on the prize I endure the hard days with the knowledge that it may never be easy but it certainly will be so worth it!

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