Is your word worthy of anything?!

Recently, my Dad went to glory! It was and continues to be the hardest thing that life has thrown at me, I realize that he is in heaven and there is no more suffering and I am so very thankful for that but my heart is shattered by the hole that he left in my life. As I pondered why there is such a loss it quickly became apparent that where there is great love there is a great loss and also that he was one of the only people I know whose word is worth everything. My Dad was a man of Integrity.

As Proverbs 20:7 states "The righteous man who walks in integrity and lives life in accordance with his (godly) beliefs - How blessed (happy and spiritually secure) are his children after him (who have his example to follow). This verse hit me square between the eyes when I read it during my devotional time. My Dad was indeed a righteous man and he walked with integrity every day of my life. He set the bar high for others, but he also showed everyone around him that with hard work and a true dedication to the Lord it can be done.

How many times have we said something, promised something or agreed to something with absolutely no intention of ever following through? Do we do it because we want to look good in front of others, to be accepted at the time, or just so people will think we have good intentions? Frankly, this truly needs to stop. This behavior is detrimental to not only those to who we make the promises/agreements but to our reputations as well. If you don't mean it then don't say it.

Realizing that life sometimes gets in the way of the plans we have made, but that should be the exception, not the norm. Too many times, myself included, we make a flippant remark with no regard to the follow-up. Why?! The world is full of those who let others down and hurt others with no regard, and I, as a Christian, need to do better and will strive to do better.

This world needs more individuals like my father, people of integrity! My newest goal is to only say what I mean and mean what I say. When I leave this world for glory I want others to remember me with the same regard that many remember my Dad, someone who lived a righteous life and had integrity.

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