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Updated: Aug 23, 2021

As I was doing my devotions this morning, listening to Joyce Myers, I was reminded of a few things that I know I need to put more time and effort into and a few things that I have forgotten.

The thing I seem to be forgetting lately is that there is great value in my experiences. Most of the lessons were taught through my adversarial times. How else could I grow and mature if I run from everything that causes me discomforts? I just can't. Painful experiences can always work out for good if you continue to love God and keep a good attitude. Remain in Faith as it is hard to be negative when you have a strong faith.

Insecurity is something I struggle with and have learned how to fake it so that many who do not really know me would never know. But when my insecurities start to take over I find myself trying to find my worth in very foolish and not very important things. Anything worldly is foolish as any of it can be taken away in an instant and if that is where your importance is found then where does that you leave us? Defeated! I receive great peace in knowing that regardless of any job, home, monetary value, car, or anything else you want to add to this, that my worth remains the same to God even if the world's view of me changes.

Another lesson that keeps coming around, slow learner that I am, is to stop wasting my time trying to prove that I am right. Who cares? No one! God knows so the rest is meaningless and I have to realize that not everyone is going to like me and that is ok. Haters will always find someone to hate, critical people will always find someone to criticize, and jealously will always rear its ugly head. If their attention is on me then they are leaving someone else alone. You can thank me later for taking the heat, haha!


That being said, I have to reflect inward and remember that God is not interested in my opinion of others any more than he is interested in others' opinion of me. Plain and simple it is not my place to pass judgment on anyone.

Anger is such a waste of time and energy. Stop being angry. Remove the strife from your home, stop dragging it to church with you and stop being judgmental. People can't pay you back if they hurt us and we can't pay them back if we caused the hurt. God, however, can and will pay us back, double for your trouble, if you can just forgive. God commands us to forgive and to let go of the past.

Forgiveness is a mighty tool that carries great power and is one of the most mature things we can do. God calls us to love everyone, not just the ones we find easy to love. If we are continually cutting out people we find hard to deal with or to love, we aren't learning or maturing, we are wasting precious time and are spiritually stuck.

Everyone has made mistakes and has had an occasion where an apology was warranted and it is my hope that acceptance can be given to each other in the same fashion we would hope to receive it. Never should we forget that God is no respecter of persons and always treats everyone well. We should never purposely set out to mistreat anyone. We are all created equally but many seem to forget that and treat others in certain ways all depending on their rank and title.

My reminder today was don't let outside forces control my joy and keep that joy as I continue my journey through this land mine of life. The more I mature and gain wisdom I realize how little I truly do know and I control nothing but my reactions. Life has become so much better since I relinquished the control that I never truly had.

To the best of my knowledge, I have forgiven anyone who I felt has mistreated me or hurt me and I removed strife from my life as much as possible. Adversity shows up but I don't let it set up shop in my life. The biggest reminder I had today is that quality trumps quantity in my life. Regardless if we are talking about materialistic things, friendships, or anything else you can think of. Have good ones is always better than having many!

My life is very simplistic and I know this may shock many of but believe me, no one is more shocked than this extrovert, outspoke, bold, and somewhat off-the-wall lady. TO think I would not only find myself content in this introverted life I am living but that I am actually thriving, healing, and learning to love myself in this lifestyle is almost unbelievable. However, with the time and reflection, I have been putting into me I am not as shocked as I realize most things that I foolishly was trying to find my worth in were stealing my joy and feeding my insecurities.

Life is still hard at times, there are still dark days, but there is always peace, joy, and faith and with those three in my corner, I continue on. When doubt creeps in I repeat Phillipians 4:13 "I can do all things through him who strengthens and empowers me." I also ask God what I can do for him in lieu of wondering what he can do for me. When I wonder what God can do for me I take a look around and see what he has already done. He knows what I need and he will never leave me, my turn to do something for him.

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