Fears! What are they?

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Fears - what are they? What fears have control in my life? Let's think!!

  1. Fear of abandonment

  2. Fear of false accusations

  3. Fear that addiction may win

  4. Fear of never truly fitting in

Yep, I have fears for a bold as brass female. I do have internal fears that God is going to help me overcome.

There was a time I lost sleep over some of these fears but no longer. I have given them all over to God and for the most part, I do not pick them up again because when I do, I soon realize that they are still way too heavy for me to handle.

So, what about my life threatens the devil?

  1. My Heavenly Father

  2. My boldness

  3. The number of people I know

  4. The strong Christians women I have standing with me

  5. My Marriage

Usually, you start with the first point in a list but this time I am going to start with number four of the list above because it seems so odd to be able to write that line as a short time ago this area of my life had been one of the weakest parts of my life. However, having a husband who has a teachable spirit and one who is walking in the path of the Lord has changed this marriage scenario to one of a positive and one that can and should make Satan tremble. We love God, we love each other and we are nothing willing to change and make the necessary alterations to not only fix but to strengthen our bond to not only each other but to our walk with God. There has been counseling involved and some tough stuff to sort through but we did the work and will continue to work each and every day to continue to have a married based on Christian morals and much love, joy, and peace. My husband wasn't the only one who had to do some changes, apparently, I can be hard to live with; who knew!

Satan shutters when he hears us praise and thank our heavenly father! Do it loudly and do it often. Satan won't/can't stay somewhere God is being praised. Whimp!

My boldness has been something that others have mentioned when they were praying for me and for the first time in my life I heard people thank God for it. Usually, it was a bone of contention for most but God made me this way, so I am going to use it.

The number of people I know. I heard my husband whisper to my brother in law the other night when we were out to dinner, once just once I would like to see her walk into a place and not know a soul in the place. I just laughed as it is very rare that I don't' know someone.

The Christian women I have standing with me. This is a long extensive list. Some of these lovely ladies walk right beside me, some have been behind me even when I didn't want them there and some are supporting from afar. There is nothing more important in your walk with Christ then strong relationships with like-minded women (second to your marriage, of course). They not only support you but they can help keep you on the straight and narrow and do it in a loving and caring way. No condemnation!

The next time the devil is whispering in your ear all the things you should be afraid of....list what he should be scared of about you. Remind him, you are the storm!

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