Do you Love "You"?

Have you ever really took the time to work on your relationship with yourself?

Until recently, I had never really given it any thought but, who do you spend more time with? No one! There isn't a second of my life that I am not part of. Second, to loving God and others, learning to love yourself is an important relationship we need to be working on.

How do you learn to love yourself was my first question. Isn't that a sign of being conceited to say and to love yourself? In order to love yourself and not shift into a selfish "me first" mentality, there need to be some boundaries set for yourself. We all need to take time to recharge our batteries, to spend time with God in prayer and reading his word because if we don't our internal battery will die.

Maybe a better way to say love yourself would be to use the word "value". Value yourself, value the life God has given you, value the way God has created you, and realize and value the love you are given. It is possible to love others and put them first while valuing yourself as well; remember your boundaries. Some may argue but if you don't' value yourself how can you truly love others.

Romans 5:5 tell us that the love of God is poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom He gave to us.

Remembering God is love is sometimes a foreign idea when you only remember hearing about rules and regulations of being a Christian and a list a mile long of things that if you did them or even think about them you are destined for Hell. What an overwhelming feeling it was to feel that no matter how hard you tried that you would never be able to be found worthy under such a load of laws and regulations. In any aspect of life, who will take on something with joy, peace, and love in their hearts when they feel they are being set up for failure.

The love of God is not this way. It isn't laden with rules and regulations it is given freely to anyone who truly wants it. Once you have asked for and accepted the love of God and he has become your Lord and Saviour, your actions and attitudes should change.

There are ways to show God that you love him and they can be easily equated to how we show people in our worldly relationship how we love them. First, affirmation - what is it that you want God to know? Praise him and express your love and thankfulness. Second, Time - spend time with him and listen to what he is saying to you. Third, Gifts - God owns everything so the only gift he wants is you. Forth, Service - think of ways to serve him. Fifth, Touch = we can show God we love him by extending our hand out to others who require help and kindness.

These simple five things are what we all would like to receive from others and should be doing for others and for God. Philippians 2:4 does tell us to look no only to our own interests, but also the interest of others.

It took me a few years to realize that all the negatives I have heard about myself for so long were just the opinions of other human beings and to realize God made me this way for a reason. The things that were said were true but always were with negative spins.

Yes, I am well aware that I talk too much.

Yes, I am well aware that I am loud and boisterous.

Yes, I am well aware that I am bold as brass.

Yes, I am aware that I am a large personality.

Yes, I am aware that I can be overbearing and not everyone's cup of tea.

Guess what God made me this way and I am done trying to change to please others and apologizing for being me. There are times that I do have to work on self-control and with age, I have certainly mellowed. For those of you who are just getting to know me, this is my calm. It May be hard to believe but it is the truth.

When I think about what role I may play in God's army I don't see me as a prayer warrior, as that just isn't my strong suit. I can and do pray for others often, but I know me and I am a take action kind of girl. People talk about the two reactions when something horrible is happening, fight, or flight. Some stand their ground and take it on while others retreat or run from the situation. This chick doesn't run, I tell all my friends if you ever see me running get moving because something horrific is coming behind me.

With the personality to jump into action and fight, I need the personality that God has given me. Who better to take on the devil then someone with the gift of the gab, who isn't afraid to let it rip loudly and with attitude, who will do it with boldness for God and with a larger than life persona to let anyone who may be witness to the situation know that I have put my faith in Gods word and I am not backing down. Not your cup of tea, please feel free to go and have a coffee.

I have learned to value how God has made me and I thank him for the traits I have as they have carried me through some not so great situations. I am no longer look for a fight in every situation but if one arises and I feel God tell me to stand up and fight, I certainly will.

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