Controlling Your Anger!

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Apparently controlling myself is something I have looked into before. As I was going through my Bible this morning, I came across Ecclesiastes 7:9 where it was highlighted and it spoke to not be eager in your heart to be angry, for anger dwells in the heart of fools. This verse led me to James 1:19, which directs us to be quick to hear (listen), slow to speak, and slow to anger. An angry man doest no produce the righteousness of God. An angry man will not reflect the behavior God requires of us.

There is a thing called righteous anger and Ephesians 4:26-27 states be angry and do not sin, do not let the sun go down on your anger and give no opportunity to the devil. Even Jesus lost his temper when he drove the buyers and sellers out of the temple. In Matthew 21:12-13, he tossed over tables and chairs, all while swinging a whip around because they had turned the house of prayer into the local flea market. His anger was justified they were defiling his Father's home.

The Bible is full of verses that clearly state that we need self-control. For many years I had one wild and wonderful temper. I ran hot most of the time and had the reflects of a Cheetah. I would spring into an attack like nobody's business.

Thankfully, with age and wisdom, I have learned some self-control. I say some because I don't want anyone out there thinking that I don't get angry, I certainly do. Once anger starts to rise in me I attempt to rationalize what I am feeling, why I am feeling that way and breath through the initial stages. I no longer lash out with actions or words that I know will inflict hurt on others. Proverbs 15:1 runs through my mind and I try to remember that a gentle answer turns away wrath, but a hard word stirs up anger.

Many years I spent playing the role of the fool of which Jesus speaks out in Eccesliastics but with his direction and grace, I still have foolish moments but do not live the life of an angry fool.

For someone who talks as much as I do I am also trying to control my words. Proverbs has many examples where it speaks to evil words destroying friends and wise discernment rescues the godly. HOw it is foolish to belittle a neighbor but a person with good sense remains silent. It even speaks to how your actions nourish your own soul. How being kind nourishes us while being cruel destroys your soul.

I guess the line is there and don't cross it. It is only a sin if you hurt someone by lying. Whether it be to them or about them. If the truth is being told and someone gets hurt it can be viewed as a righteous and brave act if done with the right heart and not by rubbing someone's face in the truth. Constructive criticism is great when it is done in a way that is helpful to others and not hurtful. This world is full of liars, haters, judgemental and right fighters. It is another area of my life that I am continually working on and it is a huge area, to say the least.

Learning to listen more: ouch!

Learning to speak slowly: ouch!

Learning to not anger easily: ouch!

All three of these areas are painful to work through itis saving me much energy and fewer fleeings of remorse from wishing I had acted differently when the incident is over.

There is much being done and much left to do in me, but I know I am working hard and I am worth it and God thinks so as well.

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